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July 4th Manhattan Fireworks

On July 4th 2018 America celebrates it’s independence day. Once again festivities around the United States will include fireworks and there can be no better place to view them, than from a vantage point overlooking Manhattan and the beautiful city skyline. Whilst tens of thousands of visitors will come to New York to see this amazing spectacle, most will have to endure a crush at the airport and either a smelly cab ride or an awkward multi rail stop ride to access the city.

The wisest travelers will be jetting into one of the nearby airports on a private charter and then hoping onto a helicopter to get into the city. Of course it costs a bit more, but at some point if you have the financial where with all, you just have to ask yourself is it worth the time wasted and the stress versus a few more Dollars?

If like many you have arrived at the conclusion that quality of life beets saving a few bucks, than fill out  our Reservation Form and let’s get you booked up for a stress free July 4th in Manhattan or wherever else on the planet you chose to travel to.

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